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> Manage your Contacts (Leads, Customers, Owners, Buyers, Sellers & more)
> Manage your Properties (Buildings, Villas, Flats, Offices, Shops, Lands, Parking, And more …‎ )
> Issue contracts, Customize & Print contracts, Schedule & follow payments,Renewal Notices
> Track Daily / Monthly and Yearly Commission.
> Print cheques of any bank with single click and Save Your Time!



شرح لأهم مميزات برنامج فالكون برو لإدارة العقارات - النسخة الكاملة

FalconPro Real Estate Management Demo - Full Version

Cheque Printer

Contact Management

Store your contact information (Arabic & English Name , Mobile , Phones , Emails , website ,address information ,etc.), list of clients' contracts , list of requirements , opportunities, and desires . It helps businesses stay on top with current contacts, potential clients and business leads.

Cheque Printer

Cheque Management

FalconPro Cheque Printing System can be used to print Cheques on any bank cheque leaves with ease. It puts Positve impression on your Suppliers and banker when your cheques are presented to them, Printed Neat & Clean with no handwriting objection. you can also track the cheque details , generate reports Date wise, Bank wise, Party wise.

Cheque Printer

Rental Management

FalconPro is a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use real estate and lease management software solution that makes it easy to know what your leases say, how much they cost, and when they need attention. It enables companies to control, report, track, and manage owned and leased real estate and make better decisions on leases and related information.

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Sales Management

FalconPro Sales tracks and automates the sale process from beginning to end , It helps companies to get more organized, increase efficiency, improve collections, and enhance the quality of service provided to the buyer.

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Purchase Management

FalconPro Purchase automates and tracks the Purchase process from beginning to end , It helps organizations manage their spending and interacts more efficiently with their vendors and partners which ultimately lowers costs.

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Broker Management

FalconPro Broker allows your brokerage to manage day-to-day business operations with maximum productivity, It offers a wide variety of features which is highly required for real estate broker. It reduce paper work and imporves efficiency of your organization.

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Contract Management

FalconPro Contract Managment can simplify and improve the way you manage contracts, from creation to completion.It can help you to improve contract compliance, customer service and profit margin in a scaleable and flexible system.

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Commission Management

FalconPro Commission is a powerful, flexible software for calculating sales, Rents, Brokers and Agents commissions accurately and quickly on daily , weekly or monthly basis.It helps and encourage the agents / staff to improve their sales and rents and service delivery.

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Search Engines

FalconPro Search Engines ( Contact Search Engine , Property Search Engine, Contract Search Engine, Cheque Search Engine) help you to reach for what you want easily and in few seconds , It enables you to search by any data you entered on the system .

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Import Data

You can import your contact data from an Excel sheet. By few clicks you can import thousands of contact data to FalconPro with speed and ease instead of entering one by one .

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Yes you can track the cheque details, properties detail and different contracts detail using our intelligent reporting system. You can generate reports Date wise, Date wise, Party wise. All reports are re-designable easily. You can change columns names which you like & put your Company Logo etc by yourself.

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Easy To Use

FalconPro is so simple to use that any company of any size can get up and running in no time. Designed by property managers, for property managers, FalconPro is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s so intuitive that your team can get right to work without extensive training.

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FalconPro is not only for Real Estate companies, It has the ability to adapt with any business, It can be used by companies or persons doing Sales , Rentals or Brokers,or companies printing cheques and want to stop hand written cheques.

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Data backups ‎

FalconPro gives the option to backup and compress your data on Daily and weekly basis , you can back to use these backups any time , we prefer you to copy these backups on any external hard disk or CDs in case of system failure or damage.

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Secure ‎

Your data is the key to your business and FalconPro knows how to protect it. FalconPro uses Encryption techniques to keep things running smooth and secure only in your device .This means FalconPro will take care of security, while you focus on growing your business.

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Why Free ?

FalconPro-Mini is a sample version of “ FalconPro “ , a complete Management Software For any size of business (Large, Medium or Small) specially ( Real-Estate ) with One centralized database for all business aspects including :-
  • Email & SMS
  • Contact Management ‎
  • Sales Management ‎
  • leasing Management ‎
  • Purchase Management ‎
  • Approval System ‎
  • Accounting Management ‎
  • Payable & receivable fully integrated with Sales , Leasing and Purchase ‎Management .‎
  • Purchasing (Invoices , Requisitions & LPO ) ‎
  • Cheque Management ( Issue , Submit , Return and Clear from the bank ) ‎
  • Other Collections Management (Electricity bills, Water bills, Cooling Bills, ‎Maintenance Bills and etc.) ‎
  • Commission Management ‎
  • Fixed Assets ‎
  • HR & Payroll ‎
  • CRM System ( Customer Relationship Management )
  • Police Cases Management
  • Legal Cases Management ‎
  • Web Mail ( Similar to Ticketing system ) to be in touch with your clients ‎
  • Reminders ( Setup reminders in all system transactions ) ‎
  • Alerts ‎
  • Reports: Huge list of reports covering all the system can be used by any ‎different management levels.‎

Real-Estate Features

  • Definable Buildings, Building Type, Building Grade, Building Category
  • Multiple Building Locations
  • Multiple Building Owners Complete record of each Building, including Cost, Depreciation, Net Value, Plot No, Drawing Details, Completion Date, Effective Date, Picture
  • Automatic Depreciation of Buildings at given rate
  • Individual Tenant Account with full Details, including Tenant Name, Company Details, Contact Details, Type & Category
  • Complete Renewal Notice Control : Automatic Issue of Renewal Notices for expiring contracts, and complete follow-up of full Notice Cycle (Notice Creation, Delivery, Rejection or Confirmation, Revisions) see flowchart
  • Automatic Renewal of expiring Rent Contracts
  • Building-wise/Property-wise/Contract-wise Facilities control (Parking, Swimming Pool, Gym, Furnishings, Kids play area etc)
  • Building-wise Income, Expense & Profitability Analysis
  • Building-wise Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Building-wise Audit Trail & Statement of Account
  • Complete Occupation Analysis (By Building & Building Type/Grade/Category/Location, Property & Property Type/Category, e.g. Residential /Offices/Shops/Villas etc)
  • Complete Rent Revenue Analysis (By Building & Building Type/Grade/Category/Location, Property & Property Type/Category, Tenant & Tenant Type/Category/Area, Sales Agents etc)
  • Allocation of Building Staff (e.g. Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Watchman, AC technician etc)
  • Entry, Control & Reporting of Maintenance calls from Tenants and allocation of work to maintenance staff, tracking of pending Maintenance Calls
  • Vacant Property Enquiry for Sales (Present or between any future dates), by Property Type (Residential, Commercial etc), Location, Building, Facilities (No of Bedroom, Bathroom, Pool/Gym etc), Rent Range and so on
  • Property Tree View : Location > Buildings > Property (Showing Vacant in Green Colour, Occupied in Red Colour and To-be-vacant in Orange Colour
  • Control of Post-dated Cheques, deposit with banks for collection, discounting, automatic maturing entries etc.
  • Control of Post-dated Cheques Issued
  • Automatic allocation of month-wise credit of accrued Rent Revenues from Yearly Rent Contracts, as well as carry forward of unaccrued Rent Revenues to next years
  • Complete Entry/Details/Control/Report of Deposits from Tenants (Security of other Deposits)
  • Graphical Occupation Analysis
  • Graphical Revenue Analysis
  • Rent Contract Enquiry & Registers
  • Rent Receipt Enquiry & Registers
  • Deposit Enquiry & Registers
  • Tenant Enquiry & Registers
  • Building/Property Enquiry
  • Online Documents Printing

Accounts Features

  • Multiple Unlimited Levels of Accounts Groupings, definable in easy-to-use tree-structure (like Microsoft File Explore)
  • General Ledger, Tenants Ledger (Accounts Receivables), Accounts Payables, Cash & Bank Ledgers, Post-dated Cheques Received/Issued/Discounted/Deposited
  • Statement of Account
  • Tenant/Customer/Supplier Outstanding Report
  • Audit Trails for any Transaction Type
  • Automatic integrated updation from Real-Estate entries for Rent Contracts, Rent & Deposit Receipts, Rent & Deposit Refunds, Building Depreciation, Rent Accruals etc.
  • Receipts, Payments, Purchases & Returns, Sales & Returns, Petty Cash Payments, Debit & Credit Notes, Journal Vouchers, Opening Balances, Post-dated Cheques Received/Issued Maturing, PDC for Collection, PDC Discounting
  • Financial Statement : Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account (Allow to zoom-intill the transaction level or back to top level, in simple tree-structure, Formats : Debit/Credit, MTD/YTD, Movement, between any Dates, upto any levels)
    Accounts Receivables/Payables Age-Analysis
  • Chart of Accounts
  • PDC List (Received, Issued, Discounted, Deposited, grouped by Bank, Tenant/Supplier)
  • Online Documents Printing


  • User-Level Security & Access Control on each menu option
  • Entry & Edit-Delete Password Controls
  • Compressed Backup & Restoring of Data, automatic Scheduling
  • Company Parameter Setup
  • Calculator, Calendar etc

Other Features

  • Export any Report to Microsoft Word or Excel and modify/print/e-mail
  • User-friendly report interface : Easy navigation in report pages, zoom-in/out, scroll
  • Company Logo in all reports
  • Icon Bar for easy selection of various options
  • Control Bar with each entry screen, allowing your to go Top, Bottom, Next, Prior, List, Find, Edit, Add, Delete, Save, Cancel, Print and Exit
  • Secured Database